Building industry general construction

Pharmaceutical and food industry containers
September 29, 2020

Based on the needs of our partners, we undertake general construction, on-site construction, and technology implementation from planning to final handover, including complete official licensing.

Our service covers, among other things, civil and high-rise construction, master builders, interior design and mechanical engineering. In the case of general construction works, we provide permanent supervision by the construction manager, including responsible technical management and occupational health and safety coordination as necessary.

Some of our completed projects:

Realization: 2021
Main areas: Production and on-site construction of MNP storage tanks. Factory production of 4 pieces 100 m3 storage tanks, on-site construction of 3 pieces 200 m3 tanks.

Realization: 2021
Main areas: Complete general construction. Main branches: tank design, civil engineering works, road construction, technological pipe system construction, on-site construction of a 5,000 m3 tank. Electrical works. Construction of control technology. Construction of a fire extinguishing system. Authority licensing.

Realization: 2022
Main areas: Complete technical planning, construction and commissioning authorization. Electrolyte storage plant tank and technology pipeline construction works. Production and installation of 12 pieces 20 m3 pressure vessels. Production and installation of 7 pieces storage tanks. On-site implementation of the pipeline system with the construction of the associated service platform.

Realization: 2022
Main areas: On-site construction of a 200 m3 storage tank, production and on-site installation of 2 pieces 100 m3 storage tanks.

Realization: 2022
Main areas: On-site construction of a 350 m2 technological plant (construction of a structural hall with a steel frame), prior to that, design of the plant hall and technological equipment. Technology for the production of pressure vessels. Factory production and on-site installation of a technology tower (27 meters high, weighing 50 tons).

Realization: 2019
Main areas: Reinforcement of the polymer powder silo tank structure, design, calculation and painting of the polymer powder silo tank. Polymer powder transport technology piping and installation.

Realization: 2020
Main areas: Production of 4 pieces stainless steel storage tanks of 200 m3 and 2 pieces of 300 m3, as well as the connection of these tanks to the technological pipeline system.

Realization: 2023 (folyamatban)
Main areas: Design, factory production and on-site installation of a 10 m3 mobile fuel supply system, as well as complete official approval.